Birrieria Baldomeros 2

Cerrado de Julio 29 - Agosto 4 * Closed July 29 - August 4


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Review by LA Times' Jonathan Gold


* Birrieria Baldomero No. 2 . There may be more than birria or weekend menudo here, but it would be hard to tell by looking at the plates of the men around you, at the signboards above the steam table or at the menu, which doesn't exist. Here it comes, even if you didn't bother to order, a plastic bowl of goat meat in a rich pan-dripping broth, accompanied by a dish of cilantro and another of finely chopped onion, a half lime, a bowl of searingly hot chile salsa to mix in to taste. Some restaurants serve birria in plates so brimming with soup you wonder how the waiter makes it from the kitchen without spilling; other places roast the meat to a frizzly crunchiness or season the stew with strong doses of mint. This is plain­ wrap birria, good and strong, tasting mostly of goat, the meat itself stewy and soft as a long­ cooked lamb shank, generous in bones and cartilage and secret bits of flesh."

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